18 Feb 2020

Unhurried Conversation is a new activity to Mipara held on the 3rd Monday afternoon of the month.  Yesterday we had a great session. In an unhurried conversation, there is time to think differently and connect with people in a refreshing way. Unhurried is not always slow, but it has a pace where people find it easy to join in and not feel crowded out. Listening can be as satisfying as talking. Next session is March 16.

We hope to kick off a guitar lessons for beginners this Friday, which will run for 6 weeks.  The class will run for one hour on Friday mornings.  No previous music skills required. While bringing your own guitar and music stand is preferred, with prior arrangement we can likely lend you the equipment.

We also have a Polymer Clay workshop scheduled for Friday where students will learn to make canes for use in a variety of projects but on the day will be looking at making beads for a necklace.

Stacey is qualified to deliver HypnoBirthing ® International – The Mongan Method Classes. We are fortunate that she is offering her skills to the local community offing both a day or evening option starting last week of February.   Learn how to eliminate fear around birthing and utilise our deep relaxation techniques that have been proven to support the birthing mother’s mind, body and baby to work in harmony for birthing.    Bookings and for further information please call Stacey on 0499 914 568.

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