Navigating a Health Crisis

Most people have had to deal with a sudden health crisis at some stage in their life – either their own or someone close to them. Amidst the turmoil, you can find yourself without the relevant knowledge and skills to navigate this challenging journey.

Leongatha psychologist Liz Crocker has seen all too often the stress that this places on both the patient and the carer. So, with her lawyer daughter, Liz has written ‘The Patient Advocate Handbook’, a practical guide to help you remain calm, focussed and stable as you navigate the health care system.

“It is natural to feel overwhelmed and insecure as you absorb a diagnosis and its ramifications. So, you need to know how to handle a health emergency and make good decisions if you are to achieve the best possible health outcome.

“It’s not about creating conflict or being the loudest voice in the room – it’s about knowing your rights, having a plan, finding your voice and working with people in the health system to get a good result.”

“The book is our way of holding your hand and being a trusted ally. You will find clear processes for you to follow and several case studies to illustrate how you can achieve those outcomes.”

A talk by health psychologist Liz Crocker, the co-author of THE PATIENT ADVOCATE HANDBOOK – How to find and use your voice in healthcare, will be held on Friday 17th April 11.30am Milpara Community House, 21 Shellcott Rd, Korumburra.

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