Electronic sign in now at Milpara

Well we are all really excited about the new easing of restrictions. Milpara of course has been collecting contact tracing information on anyone entering the house for some time.

However we have just upgraded the pen and paper version and introduced an electronic system. This will mean we can have more people enjoying more activities at Milpara.

We know not everyone has a smart phone so don’t stress we have that sorted too. We will have a tablet available for sign in and if that’s still not your thing our friendly staff will assist you.

We have already assisted a few people to add a QR reader to their phone and they were surprised how easy it is.

Belinda created a quick video on how to download a QR reader onto your smart phone. Please note some new phones and iPhone may not need to install a reader and already have on on the phone. But for many it is a simple step which means you can be using a QR reader on your phone within minutes.

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