Keep Orange-ing the World

The Orange the World campaign – 16 days of activism against gendered violence may have finished for this year but that doesn’t mean this is an issue we should put out of mind.

There are a lot of little things we can do that can help change the story. We can do some self reflecting and check in. It might be a simple change of how we say things or what we consider to be acceptable. It might be calling out a comment. It might be considering what books we read to our kids or read ourselves. Every little change we make helps bring about a big change.

The West Gippsland Regional Library stock a wonderful collection of books. What we read has a strong influence on how we think, reading books that promote gender equality where boys and girls as equal is an easy and enjoyable step in the right direction. Below is a list of suggested reading.

The 16 days of activism against Gender Based Violence is not just to acknowledge that there is a problem in our society that need addressing.

It’s not just to learn about the supports and services available.It’s not just about educating ourselves.

It’s not just about starting important conversations and encouraging people to call out behavior.

It’s not just about working together and building greater connections so the system is easier to navigate.

It is, of course, about all of those things but most importantly, it is a CALL TO ACTION, because we know that this issue is not inevitable, it can be changed. However that change cannot happen without buy in. Together you and I we can make a difference. Small actions build and small actions now can equal a big change. To create change we need to understand our bias, recognise our attitudes and acknowledge that those little things we say help create the big problems we face today.

Statistically even if you are unaware, you know someone who has been impacted. So make some time because this is important. Grab a cuppa, sit down and check out ‘the conversation guide’, ‘the respect checklist’, ‘the excuse interpreter’ and talk with your family, your friends and your colleagues and let’s stop it at the start. Together we can change the story and that is what it is all about. It’s not just 16 days, it’s everydayThis link will take you to the suggest cuppa resources:

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