Christmas Gifts Available

We know that this year is going to be hard on some families.

We also know that some family are not accessing services like Salvation Army, St Vincent de Paul etc for assistance.

Milpara has a collection of children’s gifts that we’d like to find appropriate homes for this Christmas Season.

Anyone who would like to see if any of the gifts would be suitable for their family, please drop in before 4.30 pm Friday December 18.

Please note we don’t have much and we don’t have a huge variety, but we’d like to see what we do have brighten some Christmas mornings. We’d also like to remind everyone that we do have the Emergency Foodbank which can be accessed by anyone who is struggling.  While Milpara does close for the school break Foodbank can be accessed during the following hours Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10 am – 1pm: as can the Centrelink Agency.

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