Some information from the Victorian Community Sector

Milpara thought it would be helpful to share some information we have received from VCOSS COVID-19 Sector Bulletins. PLEASE be aware that any contact numbers will be receiving a high volume of calls.

Everyone is doing their best, but you may have to try a number of times to get through. These are unprecedented times, we all need to take a deep breath and be patient. Please remember that the person on the other end of any calls is likely under a lot of stress (they haven’t created this situation and doing their very best to assist). Please remember a little kindness goes a long way! Grab a cuppa.

The best place to access up-to-date health advice remains

Victorians in mandatory self-isolation running short on food and unable to have any dropped-off by friends are now eligible for a “food and personal care package”, with a two-weeks supply of items like long-life milk, pasta, canned fruit, cereal and sugar, as well as some personal care items. People wishing to request a pack should call Victoria’s dedicated Coronavirus hotline on 1800 675 398

tage 2 measures to contain the spread of Coronavirus are now in effect across Victoria. You should stay at home and avoid all gatherings. This reduces the chances of transmission, protects the health system and saves lives. If you’re unsure, then stay home. If you are with other people, you must observe the rule of one person for every for square metres. See all the restrictions.

Will there be further restrictions? Yes.  Premier Andrews has clearly stated we will shift to Stage 3, at some point. 

There are a lot of people out of work, and a lot of critical services crying out for help. Where possible, the Victorian Government will match people who need work with jobs that need doing. VCOSS and Trades Hall are helping design ‘Working for Victoria‘ scheme

Individuals out of work can register their interest today.

The National Disability Insurance Agency has published information in an Easy Read format about their response to COVID-19. Information is also available in five different languages along with a regularly updated frequently asked questions and answers page. 

The Consumer Action Law Center is lobbying companies that deliver essential services to make sure people aren’t disconnected during the Coronavirus health crisis (#KeepConnected). They’re keeping an up-to-date list of companies’ responses here.

Job Watch has released a Q&A on employment rights in relation to COVID-19. They includes answers to frequently asked questions like ‘Can my employer direct me to work from home or change my hours because of the Coronavirus?’ and ‘Can my employer direct me to use my paid leave entitlements?’ Read it here.

Coronavirus is hard to explain to little ones. They can be confused, overwhelmed and anxious. Emerging Minds has created a curated selection of resources to assist parents and carers to have these conversations. 

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