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Test running Zoom with Mummas Supporting Mummas

Ok, let’s face it things are a little different today than we may have expected 6 months ago. BUT lets look at it from a glass half full lens, Face to Face is always awesome but perhaps connecting online has some advantages too. For example wearing PJ’s (also known as a casual suit) or no bra are not such a socially acceptable option when leaving the house, but if you are connecting via zoom who would know? And if honest I like brewed coffee like I have at home, at Milpara it’s only instant. Learning a few new tech skills may be fun, but often we need a little push to decide to try it. Lets make the most of it.

Milpara is moving some of it’s classes to Zoom rather than the only other option being cancelling. Our next term program will be offering a variety of classes with the online option if Face to Face is not an option at that time (we still don’t know).

We are also planning on offering a variety of social connections via zoom too! Hopefully kicking off next week. At this stage it’s looking like social chat (make your own coffee at home and connect for the chat), charades, short story chat (our facilitator will read a short story and then everyone can discuss it), meditation and we hope possibly a book club. We are still interested in hearing from anyone who may be interested in hosting other options too.

So what is this Zoom? Zoom is basically like that Brady Bunch image, you know the one at the start where each had a little square head, for techo people they may call it video conferencing. People can talk with each other online as a group or 1:1. If you have a computer with a camera and sound that is perfect! But not necessary, you can also call in off your phone while watching the image on a computer or just use the phone and make up the pictures in your head. If you have a smart phone or tablet you can use that instead of a computer, you just need internet and the link.

What is a link? A link is really a hyperlink (ya what??????)………….. it’s something that will connect you to a website. Often on emails etc it will show up blue and if you click on it, it magically takes you to a websites. Or on facebook when you click on that article your interested in and it magically takes you to a different page. You most likely have been using them without even knowing what they are.

We will have these links (and phone number information if you would like to call in off a phone instead) likely on our Facebook Page. We’re still sorting out a few wrinkles and if honest we have been incredibly busy so haven’t had as much time as we would have liked to get this all sorted out. But stay tuned.

We will develop a short video on how it all works soon, because sometimes seeing something is much easier than reading loads of words (high 5 to that). And of course staff at Milpara are happy to provide technical support and talk you through it.

Anyway for now, stay safe and we look forward to seeing you all soon, even if that is via Zoom.

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