Let’s Talk About Parenting

Parent Zone Gippsland will be running a no cost program for parents and carers, “Let’s Talk About Parenting “at Milpara.  It will run for four Thursdays June 6 – June 27, 1pm – 3pm.  This is a great opportunity to learn new strategies.  From a personal perspective as Belinda a Mum not Belinda from Milpara, I can say I attended a program when my children were younger and it was fantastic.  Both of my children are very different, what worked for one did not work for the other.  I have found parenting is hard work and frustrating at times.  I was surprised when another parent, one I greatly respected, told me she had been to a program and it was a great experience.   Following her recommendation, I tried it. The program provided a great space to share, get new ideas and some reassurance. It is for adults only so also provides some you time, something Mum’s can forget is very important.  I was so glad I attended. If you would like to book a place in the ‘Let’s Talk about Parenting’ program please call Parent Zone Gippsland on 5135 9555 or parentzone.gippsland@anglicarevic.org.au.

Download poster here: Let’s Talk Parenting

We have a number of people who have expressed interest in Office Essentials and Introduction to Computers.  We started an Office Essentials class last week but are looking at possibly starting another.   We are taking interest in both day and evening classes.  Please let us know if you may be interested, call 56552524.

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