In need of more smiles and laughter?

With such diverse people coming through the front door each week at Milpara there are always different smiles from cheeky grins, smirks to beaming smiles that make their eyes squint.  That is not to say Milpara is always just fun and games, smiles do develop from happiness but also from relief and compassion. One of my favorite things about Milpara is the smiles shared. Often where smiles live laughter follows, it is the best contagion I know for bringing on more smiles.

We often receive messages, calls or a person drops in looking for something but they’re not sure what, they may feel isolated or need to make some social contact. Often they are surprised just what smile/laughter opportunity’s Milpara has on offer so I thought I might share.

A great smile inducing activity is The Milpara Social Singers who meet at Milpara Wednesday afternoons from 1.30pm during school terms.  You do not have to be able to sing just a willingness to give it a go.

Crafts/Cards with Barb meet Friday afternoons.  Many of the group make beautiful embroidery cards and Barb can supply materials and full instructions if you would like to learn the skill too. Alternatively, you can bring your own craft.

The Craft of Story Writing class meet Thursday mornings it is a great mix of people. The Korumburra Men’s Shed meet on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and the Hospital Garden group on Thursdays. The community meal on the first Friday of the month is also a smile-filled event.  These are just some of the opportunities.

If you are looking for something let us know we may be able to help you find some extra smiles and laughter in your life, call Milpara 56552524.

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