Easing of restrictions, what it means at Milpara Korumburra’s Community House.

I know that everyone is rather looking forward to a return to some sort of normal.  We also know it is not as simple as jumping back to business as usual.  During the last two months, Milpara has been closed for general activities; however, we made adjustments to accommodate for essential activities such as the Emergency Foodbank and Centrelink Agency to continue.

Community safety is very important to Milpara, so users will notice some changes when they do next visit the house.  All house users will have their contact details recorded on arrival, a new cleaning regime has been implemented and social distancing is a requirement of entry.  Anyone who is feeling unwell or have even the mildest symptoms are not to enter Milpara, please phone us 5655 2524, to keep everyone safe.

All classes and activities that transitioned to online learning will continue online at this stage.  In-person activities will not resume until Term 3, we understand this may be disappointing.  Due to the layout, room size and social distancing requirements we have to factor in a number of logistics considerations to ensure everyone’s safety.

Just a reminder that anyone using the emergency foodbank MUST bring their own bags. The foodbank is open to anyone who needs to use it, please don’t be shy it is a service for a purpose, if you need it, it’s there for you.  We greatly appreciated the number of donations and support we have received recently.

We are excited to have Terry, who is a JP (Justice of the Peace), available to sign documentation on a Tuesday mornings.  Please give us a call to make a booking.

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