Connect Over Food and Put Your Hand up against violence.

Join us at our Connect over food Luncheons

Connect Over Food Luncheon is something new we are trialling at Milpara this term.  We have two dates set Tuesday November 19 and December 17, 1 pm start.  The idea is to bring along a dish to share and enjoy a lovely lunch together.  Some people love to share their favourite dish, for others it may be their quick go too meal they think others should know about.  It can be made from scratch or come from a jar or packet.  It is more about sharing and enjoying some friendly company.  Bring along your recipe just in case others would like to recreate your dish. If you do not have a recipe that’s OK too.  We do ask you RSVP so we can set the table, please call Milpara on 56552524.

Orange the world, 16 days of activism against violence is coming up November 25 – December 10.  Milpara is again joining this campaign and plan to install the ‘put your hand up collar’ around the electrical poles around town, which looked fabulous last year.  We would love to invite you to get involved.  Simply pop into Milpara to collect the plastic, trace and cut hand prints with your family, workmates, and group or as an individual.  Then return it to Milpara so we can add the backing orange and install them.

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