Financial Fundamentals: How to keep cash flowing


Cash flow is the life blood of every small business. Not enough cash flow and things start to go wrong. Without it, no business can survive. If you’re spending more time juggling cash than running your business, making a profit but still struggling to pay the bills, then this essential small business workshop will ensure you’re never caught short again

Wednesday November 20
6.30 pm – 8.30 pm
Cost $20
Location: Milpara Community House, 21 Shellcot Road Korumburra

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Even a profitable business can have issues with cash flow. In fact, running out of money is a sure way for a profitable business to fail. Don’t let that happen to you! Learn to identify what’s driving your own cash flow and what you can do to keep cash pumping into the parts of your business that need it most. Get on top of the fundamentals, including the difference between profit and cash, the role of marketing and how the working capital cycle can impact your business. Learn how to manage stock, suppliers and debtors and how to prepare a cash flow forecast so you can avoid a crisis before it hits. Delivered by a small business financial expert and packed with practical tips and techniques you can apply straight away, this workshop includes a free one-on-one mentoring session to make sure you get it right. Ensure the life blood of your business never stops pumping at this essential Small Business Victoria workshop, one of many that have helped businesses in Victoria get started for more than 10 years. Learn how to: • Tell the difference between profit and cash • Understand the working capital cycle • Improve customer collections • Manage stock • Manage suppliers • Manage debtors • Avoid a cash flow crisis • Prepare a cash flow forecast • Access tools, templates, support and resources in future.

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First FixIt Korumburra was a success

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Program for Term 4 now out.

Parenting never came with an instruction manual for all the things you will face. It is one of the most important and difficult things you can do as well as one of the most rewarding. Risky Business: Tough Conversation with Teens is an information session on Tuesday September 17 at 6 pm being held at Milpara, 21 Shellcot Road Korumburra. If you want to: Communicate better with your teen? Develop strategies to listen without judgement? Help your teen problem solve & make safe choices? Stay connected? Then this is a great FREE session for you! Learn strategies, share stories & take time out for you. Bookings are essential. Please call Parent Zone Gippsland on 51539555.

It seems amazing that we are in the last week of Term 3 already.  Head over to our website to check what we have on offer for Term 4.  You will notice a bit of a change, the program is now an A5 booklet, so keep an eye out for it in your mailbox in the next week or two.  We have some great workshops during Term 4 including Women’s Empowerment & Soul Nourishment, Framed Nature Scene, Fun with Alcohol, and Polymer Clay for Beginners, Christmas Pudding and more.  For small business, we have information sessions on cloud-based accounting using Reckon, and a Small Business Victoria Workshop Finance fundamentals: How to keep cash flowing.  A variety of new classes has also be introduced!  Milpara 5655 2524.

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Milpara, Korumburra’s Community House is a great place but difficult to explain.

You’ll find us at 21 Shellcot Road Korumburra

The truth is Milpara is so many things to so many people it is hard to sum it up neatly.

Our Vision: People in the Korumburra district have access to new skills, personal development and community networks.

Our Mission: To be the focal point for the delivery of a range of services and learning opportunities.

We are proud of how well we achieve these goals.  There are some common misconceptions about where our funding comes from to provide this great community asset. Maybe a nice starting point for this explanation is the little remembered fact that Milpara has developed from a simple playgroup into a multi-faceted organisation offering community services, adult education classes, groups, and advocacy, referral and support services, while retaining its original intention and living up to the meaning of its name – “Meeting Place”.

Milpara’s history is entrenched with dedicated volunteers, without them the Community House would never have developed further than an idea.  From 1979 till 1982 childcare operated from Milpara until the opening of the Birralee Childcare Centre in Victoria Street. The small operational grant meant that the majority of childcare had to be provided by volunteers. The Milpara Committee then approached the Shire to retain the building in Shellcot Road as a community house and it has been registered as an adult education provider since 1984.    

Volunteers play a vital role and are an integral part of the team even today. It surprises some people to find that Milpara has no full time workers at all. We are run by a volunteer Committee of Governance, and while the building is owned by the Shire we are not financially supported by the shire and are completely independent.

Milpara Community House receives the majority of its funding through the Neighbourhood House Coordination Program (NHCP). The Department of Education and Training (DET) contracts Milpara Community House to deliver Adult Community Further Education (ACFE) courses as a Learn Local organisation, you’ll notice those courses in our program with a LL logo. Federal funding is provided by the Department of Human Services (DHS) to host and operate the Centrelink Agency on site 10 hours per week. A major source of income is self-generated through the delivery of Adult Education courses and sessions. Our FoodBank is not funded at all, with expectation of people who donate their IGA points.  It relies on Food Bank Victoria, Aldi’s Second Bite and the generous donations of businesses, groups and individuals. 

We are a non-for profit organisation and keep the costs of our courses/activities as low as possible, to remain viable we are required to generate our own income to cover our running costs and ensure we can deliver continued service to our community long into the future.    So when you attend a course/workshop or group at Milpara you’re part of the big picture!

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Evening computer classes.

Computers for Beginner is also an evening course this term! It will bew Tuesdays & Thursdays August 27 – September 24, 6 pm – 8:30 pm. This course is designed for people who don’t know much about computers but want to learn. It will start at the very beginning and help you to gain your confidence. You will learn basic computer use including how to create files and folders, navigate Windows, access and browse the internet, send and recieve an email and basic word processing.

Office Essentials this term has a focus on Excel and Word.  This course extends your knowledge of the Microsoft Office Suite, with major emphasis on Excel and Word.  It will include overviews (each approximately 30 minutes) of Publisher, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook. This course will focus on Excel, including creating formulas, creating a budget and creating a chart. The focus on Word will include formatting documents, tables and combining Excel in Word. . This term it will be an evening course running on Tuesdays and Thursdays August 1 – August 22, 6 pm – 8:30 pm.  

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Just for the blokes.

Horses for courses is a great adage. We have a great Men’s Shed meeting Tuesdays and Wednesdays as well as the Men’s Shed Hospital Garden on Thursdays, but these groups do not suit everyone.  We are hoping to kick off a new group “For the Blokes” the initial meeting will be Friday July 26 at 10 am, pending interest this could be a weekly group.  It will be for men to gather, discuss what is relevant to them or simply share stories.  The group can be what the Blokes want it to be.

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Info session and reminder to add yourself to our email list

We are holding a free Breast Health and Screening Information Session at Milpara on Tuesday June 25 from 12:30 utill 1:30 pm.  A guest speaker from BreastScreen Victoria is coming to discuss the latest on breast cancer and early detection including breast awareness and screening.  It is an excellent opportunity to ask questions. It would be fabulous if you let us know you are coming but you are welcome to just pop in on the day too.   The timing is perfect with Mobile Screening Service visiting Leongatha from July 1 – August 2.  The mobile screening service uses high quality digital screening, has expert female staff and is free and requiring no doctor’s referral.  Remember BreastScreen is for women without symptoms – see your doctor immediately if you notice a breast change.

If you have not already put your name down on our email list, now is a good time to do so simply email Belinda at or you can join our mail list here:  The term 3 program is being finalised so not long before it will be in people’s inbox.

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Can you repair things? New Repair Cafe?

When I was young, I remember watching my grandfather’s tinker in theirs sheds; things went in not working or broken, after some maintenance or repairs they often would come out ready to go again.    Both of my Nan’s had sewing boxes with buttons, zips, and cottons ready for darning, a quick mend or alteration.  Not much was discarded before someone had at least tried to give it a second chance.

Now days many things end up in landfill, even though with a little know how they may be easily repaired.  Many of us just lack the knowledge to fix, mend or repair things independently.

This has sparked a new movement of Repair Cafés.  First, starting in the Netherlands in 2007, the idea is taking off and there are now over 1500 Repair Café’s globally.

The photo was taken at Melbourne Repair Café 3rd birthday in March 2019. It shows Karen from Mend It Australia and her husband Danny in the background, who attend many Repair Cafes as volunteers.

So what is a Repair Café?  It is a place visitors can bring their broken item from home and sit down with a volunteer fixer.  It provides an opportunity for valuable knowledge to be passed on, connections to be made and of course reduce our ever-increasing landfill.   Repair cafés are a free service with donations welcome and often held on a Saturday or Sunday monthly.

Milpara is interested to gauge if this is something our community would get behind. Would you be interested in attending a Repair Café? Would you be interested in being a volunteer fixer?  I would love your feedback!  You can give me, Belinda a call at Milpara on 56552524 or



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Let’s Talk About Parenting

Parent Zone Gippsland will be running a no cost program for parents and carers, “Let’s Talk About Parenting “at Milpara.  It will run for four Thursdays June 6 – June 27, 1pm – 3pm.  This is a great opportunity to learn new strategies.  From a personal perspective as Belinda a Mum not Belinda from Milpara, I can say I attended a program when my children were younger and it was fantastic.  Both of my children are very different, what worked for one did not work for the other.  I have found parenting is hard work and frustrating at times.  I was surprised when another parent, one I greatly respected, told me she had been to a program and it was a great experience.   Following her recommendation, I tried it. The program provided a great space to share, get new ideas and some reassurance. It is for adults only so also provides some you time, something Mum’s can forget is very important.  I was so glad I attended. If you would like to book a place in the ‘Let’s Talk about Parenting’ program please call Parent Zone Gippsland on 5135 9555 or

Download poster here: Let’s Talk Parenting

We have a number of people who have expressed interest in Office Essentials and Introduction to Computers.  We started an Office Essentials class last week but are looking at possibly starting another.   We are taking interest in both day and evening classes.  Please let us know if you may be interested, call 56552524.

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‘Art Class’ and ‘Fitter For Life’ both start this week on Tuesday May 7.

MAY 14 Fitter For Life Trial FREE SESSION

Have you recently moved to our wonderful area?  Then let us welcome you at our Newcomers’ Luncheon on Wednesday May 15.  We do request you RSVP for this free activity by this Friday May 10.

Art Therapy Group Sessions start on Friday 17.  The cost will be per session and all materials will be included in the session fee.  We do require notice of 1 week if you plan to attend.  Minimum numbers will be required.  Art is one of our most powerful means of self – discovery.  Come and join the gently therapeutic sessions, in a safe space, to explore what your artistic expression is unveiling for you.

We have a Wet Felting Workshop – Wall Hanging with use of embellishments like pre-felts and other materials, on Saturday May 18.  Bookings a week ahead are required; all materials are included in the workshop fee, just BYO old towel.

Like so many organisations, Milpara just would not be the same without the wonderful Volunteer support we receive.  We are very fortunate to have an amazing group of volunteers who donate their time to all sorts of things including supporting office staff, running groups, delivering some classes, developing our beautiful gardens and more.  We will be holding a Volunteers Afternoon Tea on May 22, to show our thanks.

If you would like any additional information or to make a booking please call Milpara on 5655 2524.

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