Women’s Empowerment & Soul Nourishment Workshop
Women’s Empowerment & Soul Nourishment This workshop is for women of all ages who want to feel more courageous in making positive life changes in their relationships, careers or pursuing their passion. You will be provided with knowledge and tools to make lasting positive changes, in a nurturing environment with like-minded women. There will be a focus on stress & anxiety release exercises to leave you feeling calm & balanced. What will be covered- How to Build Confidence & Overcome the Fear that Holds You Back. The Cause of Negative Relationship/Life Patterns and How to Change Them A Guided Meditation to connect with your intuition for improved clarity in decision-making Self-reflection & journaling exercises A Guided Meditation to Balance You Stress & Anxiety Release Exercises Talk therapy & Energy Healing - how they can bring about positive change Learn a simple & effective Meditation technique that you can use anywhere to reduce anxiety. Snacks & herbal teas will be provided. Please bring your own lunch, notebook/journal. Investment- $125 Venue: Milpara Community House, 21 Shellcot Road, Korumburra, Victoria. To book your spot, please contact Milpara directly on 03 5655 2524. For questions about the course please contact Cindy on 0448512199 or cindy@affirmyourpower.com.au About Cindy Melksham, Your Facilitator Cindy is a well-rounded Energy Healer & Empowerment Coach with degrees & qualifications in Psychology, Life Coaching & a range of Healing modalities including Reiki, EFT, Pellowah & Alpha RePatterning. Cindy is passionate about assisting people to heal the past so they can experience a new way of being, living & thriving in the present & beyond. Cindy offers one on one client sessions and a range of workshops from Hearts & Minds Wellness Hub in Boronia. Prior to working on her healing business, Cindy worked in the corporate & community sectors for many years and has a wealth of experience working with a diverse range of people. Testimonials from Workshop Attendees: “I attended one of Cindy’s ladies workshop in April 2016. It was one of the best workshops that I had attended. Cindy discussed tools to understand, manage and find ways to overcome personal issues. The workshop was interactive and it was good to know that everyone in the group had similar issues caused either directly by our underlying fears or due to circumstances involving close friends or family members in our lives. I will highly recommend Cindy to everyone as the techniques that she uses are helpful for dealing with many types of different problems and blocks that life has. So everyone is able to benefit one way or the other from Cindy, unblock the energies and move forward in life.” – Sherry. “Cindy is a glistening beacon of love. She has a truly beautiful, caring soul and is concerned for your welfare and happiness. She is genuinely interested in the details of your life and is easy to talk to. After spending time with Cindy, I feel warm, nurtured and ready to face my fears.\" – Amy. “I\'ve had the great pleasure of experiencing a few of Cindy\'s workshops. The workshops are carefully thought out, well-structured and presented but the best thing is the supportive and welcoming environment. Here you can learn a lot about yourself and share or not share with a supportive and like-minded small group and have some fun at the same time while learning about yourself and coming home with some tools and techniques for personal growth and understanding. Highly recommended!” – Dominique. “I recently attended one of Cindy\'s women\'s workshops and would definitely recommend it. She created a calm relaxing environment, sharing her information in a positive fun way. There were some lightbulb moments for me and it was lovely to listen and share experiences with the other ladies. I came away with some new ideas and insights and especially enjoyed the guided meditations.” – Liz. “What a brillant day it was. I would recommend anybody to go to one of these days with you Cindy. I loved it.” – Shea “It was such an honour to meet you Cindy and be part of your workshop - so enlightening and inspiring! It was a wonderful gathering of women with much to share. Thankyou so much for opening my eyes to new pathways for self discovery and learning.” – Belinda \"Thank you for the wonderful workshop, was such a great pleasure to meet you and I enjoy every single bit of our day together. Looking forward to having some private sessions, today was a great start!\"- Sil \"In July, I attended a workshop in Wonthaggi with 6 other women wanting to clear some cobwebs - thought-patterns and habits holding us back, railroading us or steering us off course. We loved through a series of exercises, each designed to prepare us for the next, for a whole-person scan and soul first-aid process. We were mostly strangers (though I knew all except two participants) going deep into recesses long-forgotten and long-neglected. I\'ve done this sort of soul exposure before, on a 10 day leadership and personal development course for CFA firefighters, so I was impressed with how willing to clear their crap these women were over a few mere hours! The visible lift in these women\'s demeanours, and the hope in the room as we wrapped up the workshop was reward in itself. Cindy is abundantly capable and trustworthy of holding this soul space while women explore difficult aspects of themselves they want to evolve from, in addition to being well-qualified, on paper. I\'d love for more women to book this workshop and bust their own myths, smash their limiting self-talk and move on into the rest of their lives with greater clarity and self-kindness! Go for it, contact Cindy Melksham!\" -Izzy.
Venue Milpara Community House, 21 Shellcot Road Korumburra Cost $125.00
Time 10:30am -16:30 pm Date Sunday, 24 November 2019

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